Vision & Mission


To be the leading feed brand that identifies with animal health and yield in Türkiye.


To produce feeds that ensure ideal animal yield while protecting animal health.


To Hold Health and Yield Above All Else: Supporting our foods with organic minerals, yeasts, and digestive regulators and thinking about animals’ health as much as their yield, to maximize the profitability of our growers,

Consistently Produce at the Same Quality: To produce food at the same content and characteristic to your animals 12 months out of the year using side products that come from the oil, starch, and flour factories in the Sunar Group on a large scale and overcoming difficulties in the sector,

To Employ an Expert Team: To provide technical support as Çukoyem on the subject of animal breeding to our growers with our team of experts on the subject of animal husbandry to be able to make nourishing accurate and profitable.

Sustainability Vision

To enable future generations live in prosperity in an habitable world, we live and encourage our society live sustainably, by gaining needed strength from nature. While making this dream come true, we ensure that we will reduce our footprint and increase our contribution to society.