Quality Management Systems Policy

To take the necessary precautions by recognizing the dangers associated with food safety to meet the changing and developing needs of customers within the legal and legislative conditions applicable to the food sector, to continuously improve our processes and the quality of our products by making planned and systematic activities common, and to be the preferred and sought after organization and brand in the flour and feed sector.

Çukoyem uses organic minerals in its feeds:

Root micro-mineral deficiencies cause serious profit loss in operations. Low reproductive performance, high somatic cell count, metabolic diseases, lameness and decreased milk production are some of the examples we can give.

Organic Micro-Minerals We Use in the Çukoyem Feeds:

Copper: It is important for the healthy development of reproduction and hooves.  Copper ensures an increase in the impregnation rate at the start of insemination while ensuring the passing of the placenta and early-stage embryonic death.

Magnesium: Micro-minerals that contribute to reproductive health. Magnesium helps early ovulation, high impregnation rates and ease of calving.

Zinc: It develops the immune mechanism and is necessary for the production of keratin, which plays an important role in the structure of hooves and breasts. Keratin inhibits bacteria that cause mastitis from reaching the breast while strengthening the structure of hooves and breast sphincters.

Selenium: It increases animals’ resistance to diseases, facilitates the passing of the placenta, and increases life strength of calves. Intestinal Regulators: These products ensure the effective use in the tripe of energy and protein from feeds. And like this, a higher yield is obtained.

Çukoyem uses essential oils in its feeds!

Essential oils ensure the effective use in the tripe of energy and protein from feeds. And like this, you obtain a higher yield.

Çukoyem uses yeast in its feeds!

Yeasts increase cellulose digestion, improving the environment of bacteria that saturate cellulose.