Our Production Facilities

Founded in 1976, Sunar Un ve Yem A.Ş. has one of the both most experienced and most modern and hygienic facilities in the sector with its policy of continuous investment and improvement. Sunar Un ve Yem is able to produce the desired high performance and quality varieties of flour, processing the wheat that it procures from various regions of Türkiye.

At Sunar Un ve Yem, which is established over a 21,000m2 field, the flour production facility has 12,000m2 indoor area and the food production facility has 5,000m2  indoor area.

At the Sunar Un ve Yem Flour facility, bread flour types are produced for bakeries, flour for retail for the household consumption, and luxury flour types for special bakeries with production methods that comply with food safety, that respect human health and environment.

At the Çuko Yem facility, animal feed in powder and pellet forms in a quality that is able to respond to all phases of development for ovine and bovine breeding, are produced with production methods that comply with regulation, that pay regards t animal health, and that respect the environment. Çuko Yem produces feeds at the same quality 12 months of the year thanks to high-quality raw materials that it regularly acquires from the other facilities of the Sunar Group.