Laboratory Infrastructure

Çukoyem Facilities are able to produce the most rational solutions for you with developed laboratory opportunities and technical personnel.

Çukoyem analyzes your course fodders with the Feed Analysis Center! 

We help you track the quality of the course fodders of your business, analyzing your course fodders in terms of protein, moisture, and energy. We help on the subject of you receiving the course fodder that is the most beneficial and economic for your business. We also help you test what degree the ration borders in application with our formulated ration, analyzing all of  your rations in regular periods.

Çukoyem Technical Field Employees use developed ration programs:

We suggest the most economic total ration the Sunar Feed most appropriate for you based on current course fodder analyses of your businesses coming from the Course Fodder Analysis Center.

Çukoyem Technical Field Employees use the Particle Meter!

It ensures that you provide the ideal total ration to your animals in the most appropriate particle dimensions of course fodder with comparison periods. You decrease your hoof problems, increase your milk fat, and you can acquire high milk yield as a result of the maximum microbial production in the tripe.

Çukoyem Technical Field Employees use the Feces Analyzer:

With the help of the analyzer, we clean your animals feces and work to help them benefit most from what they eat, observing the levels of digestion of course fodders and concentrated feeds that they consumed.