It is used from the 5th month to the last 2 months of female animals pregnancy. It helps your heifers grow balanced and healthy without fattening with its special diet structure. It helps them become a fantastic milch cow.

Shape and Characteristics of Use

  • Implement an acclimation period (7-10 days) when moving from Çukoyem Calf Grower Feed to Sunar Heifer Feed.
  • Feed your heifers in a way that will bring an average of 750-800 g. of live weight a day. Give the feed in at least 2-3 meals by mixing it into the total ration.
  • It grows your heifers balanced with its special content without fattening and helps them become a magnificent milch cow in the future.
  • You can meet with our REGIONAL TECHNICAL employees for the preparation of rations special to operation.