It is used for the duration lasting from the start of feeding to slaughter for 6-month-old male lambs. It increases the daily live weight gains of your animals in a proportion of genetic capability with rich vitamin mineral compounds and balanced protein energy structure. It decreases problems of Rumen acidosis (tripe acidity) that can be seen after intense feeding. It minimizes hoof and talon diseases. It improves carcass quality and yield. It increases fast, live weight and like this maximizes your profitability.

Shape and Characteristics of Use

  • It ensures a phenomenal fattening performance in lambs, enabling a live daily weight of 300-350 g (3-4 months) within the feeding period that will last from the average of 25-30 kg of live weight to 50-60 kg of live weight.
  • Give your animals the enterotoxemia and foot-and-mouth vaccinations before intense feeding.
  • Fight with internal and external parasites.
  • You can meet with our REGIONAL TECHNICAL employees for the preparation of rations special to operation.