It is used in the nourishment of high-yield milk cows. It brings the yield and fat of your cows’ milk in a proportion of genetic capability to the highest level with rich vitamin mineral compounds and balanced protein energy structure. The unit is to lower the cost of milk. It is to ensure the maximum yield. It prevents Ruman acidosis, tripe acidity which can be seen after birth, and ketosis problems. It minimizes the risks of hoof, talon, and breast diseases. It helps your cows become agitated more quickly after birth and stay pregnant easier.

Shape and Characteristics of Use

  • If you are starting Çuko Yem 21 Dairy Feed, slowly acclimate your cows within a 10-day transition period.
  • Give Çuko Yem 21 Dairy Feed in 3-4 meals by mixing it into the total ration.
  • Use for your cows in peak milk yield periods until 60-70 days after birth.
  • It your cows easily reach peak milk yield thanks to its balanced content.
  • Its content is enriched with by-pass (preserved) oils, organic minerals, and yeast. Also, it does not require the addition of vitamins and minerals.
  • You can meet with our REGIONAL TECHNICAL employees for the preparation of rations special to operation.