Sunar Grup

The Sunar Group, whose value is increasing in the agriculture-based industry and food sector of Turkey, provides service to more than 100 countries on 5 continents with its own brand, almost a half-century of experience, more than 850 workers, and a wide range of products.  Thanks to its high capacity, wide accumulation of knowledge, and experience, the Sunar Group aims to be one of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa’s largest groups of the agriculture-based industry.

The foundation for the Sunar Grup was laid with the smart and brave investments that Nuri ÇOMU, its founder in the early 1970s, made in the fields of cotton and paddy. Even if the cotton and paddy factory founded in 1974 didn’t last until today due to problems in cotton farming in Çukurova, Sunar Özlem, which was established in Osmaniye as a flour factory in 1976, Çukoyem, which was added to the Sunar Özlem organization in 1997, Sunar Mısır, which was formed in 1985 in Adana, NÇS and Elita Gıda, which were formed in 2006, and Sunar Pazarlama, which was founded in 2010, joined the group’s organization.

The Sunar Grup operates in 5 different sectors in the agriculture-based industry. Of the companies of the group, Sunar Mısır produces and sells starch and starch-based products, Elita Gıda produces and sells oils for retail and out-of-home consumption, Sunar Özlem produces and sells flour and feed, and NÇS produces and sells fresh fruit. The external trade operations of the Sunar Grup companies are maintained under the roof of Sunar Pazarlama.

Sunar, which is a group with fully Turkish capital, is taking important steps to become a regional power, becoming an exporter to more nearly 100 countries in a short span of time. It carries out its work with strong technological infrastructure that it formed in this context, modern production systems, and quality products with the understanding of “high quality, stability, and service,” in line with being a global company. A company of the group Sunar Mısır is producer of Sorbitol and Maltitol, which are low-calorie natural sweeteners. At the same time, Sunar Mısır has an important share in Turkey’s cornstarch and glucose exports. Another company of the group Elita Gıda is in the primary position of Turkey’s corn oil exports.

The Sunar Grup is coming into prominence based on its competitors with 3 main strong suits that it possesses. The first of these suits is the characteristic of these business within the group of being supplementary to one another. This situation maximizes the efficiency and competitive strength of the group of companies. Its possessing Turkey’s only integrated corn oil facility, which harbors all stages of production from the garden to the dinner table in its organization, reveals the distinction. Sunar is the only integrated facility in Turkey that can produce corn oil from corn, packaging it and putting it on the market. Another important strong suit is the importance that the Sunar Grup gives to Research and Development activities. Constantly looking out for the needs of customers and markets, the development of products, process optimization, and of the preeminence and the protection of current product standards are priorities in this respect. The Sunar Grup makes its third strong suit felt on the markets, constantly doing investment and improvement studies with the awareness that information technologies and new production technologies have the utmost effect on efficiency and quality.

The Sunar Grup is proud to be the growing power of a growing Turkey.